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Here at A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS in Portland Oregon, we care about the environment and the reduction of global warming. We strive to use the best materials with the lowest environmental impact and at the same time try to reduce our carbon footprint. That is why we specialize in “green building.” We use environmentally friendly brands and supplies when we complete our remodeling projects in all areas of Northern Oregon.

Looking to replace your worn and out dated windows with new, energy efficient windows? A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS can take care of all your window needs. All of our vinyl replacement windows are Energy Star rated which means you will have warmer winters with cooler summers in your home. This also means you will be using less electricity and natural resources to heat your home during the winter. In turn, your electric bills will cost less. In addition to that, your new windows will be 100% environmentally friendly which also reduces your carbon footprint. Not to mention, we are direct dealers for Cascade windows and we guarantee the lowest prices in the Portland metro area.

Replacing the siding on your home has many benefits to it. Not only will it update and maintain the look of you home it will give us the opportunity to install a smart new vapor barrier called WeatherSmart from Fortifiber. It allows your home to breathe without allowing the moisture and air flow coming in. We will seal off all openings with Fortifiber E-Z seal reducing drafts. with our energy-efficient vinyl siding. A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS can help you decide which type of siding is best for your home. Our brands include James Hardie and Alcoa Series Vinyl Siding. These brands reduce maintenance for you which means you will never have to paint your siding again. New siding also provides tough insulation from the harsh weather outside. All these brands have a low economical cost, low maintenance, and high endurance against all weather factors, whether it’s hail, snow, or rain.
Paint; Interior/Exterior

A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS works closely with Miller Paint, for interior use we recommend using Acro Pure, it has a low odor, zero VOC and is an environmentally responsible interior acrylic finish. For exterior use we use Acri-Lite and Evolution, both have very low VOC’s. When we finish with your project we will leave a small amount of paint for future touch-ups, the paint left over will be taken to the metro center for recycling. For more information about our products please call our office at 503-477-9575.

When it comes to remodeling an entire kitchen, the finished product leaves us with a lot of excess materials and waste. To lessen the amount of trash we put into the landfills, it is a good idea to use recycled and recyclable products when remodeling a kitchen. One brand of countertops available is called Bio Glass, which is made from 100% recycled molded glass. There are other uses for it such as wall coverings and interior floors in addition to countertops. What’s so great about this brand is that one slab of Bio Glass saves one cubic yard of landfill and reduces 35 pounds of CO2 emissions. So a whole kitchen made with Bio Glass would be saving not only valuable space in a landfill but hundreds of pounds of CO2 emissions. There are different colors to choose from such as white, green, blue, brown, and more. The finished look of the glass is satin with a slight texture which is perfect for a decorative kitchen. Also, if you decide to do another remodeling of your kitchen, the Bio Glass countertops are 100% recyclable! Now that’s what we call going green!

Bathrooms can also become a greener atmosphere for you and your family. A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS will work with you to find the best water-saving sinks, shower heads, and toilets. In addition to saving water, we can also help you find and install environmentally friendly countertops such as Bio Glass and IceStone. A traditional, older toilet normally uses 5 gallons of water with every flush. With each person in the house using the bathroom up to 7 times a day, the amount of water used on flushing alone will definitely add up. With newer, water saving toilets, only about 1.6 gallons of water are used with every flush. Not only will these toilets save precious water, they will also cut costs of your water bills. Low-flow shower heads can also reduce the gallon per minute being put out. Looking for eco-friendly countertops? IceStone is the way to go. These are made from 100% recycled glass. They’re durable, long lasting, come in a variety of shades, do not fade in UV light, and are not harmful to the earth.

There are certainly many ways to finish a basement the environmentally friendly way. At A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS we will work with you to find the best solution that is not only functional and affordable but also eco-friendly. We will use the toughest insulation to keep the room warmer during winter and cooler during summer. The insulation will also reduce your electricity and heat bills. When constructing a kitchenette or wet bar, you can choose to make the countertops from Bio Glass or IceStone, which are two very green companies that make 100% recycled glass countertops. There are many color schemes, textures, and finishes to choose from if you decide to go with IceStone or Bio Glass. There are many more green options to look at when finishing a basement as well. Call us today to speak with one of our experts about environmentally friendly basements.

Having a deck is quite an important part of your home in Northern Oregon. Whether you would like to eat dinner with your family during a nice summer evening or relax after a long day at work, a deck is the perfect place to wind down. At A NEW IMAGE EXTERIORS we use high quality TimberTech and railing products which are made from reclaimed wood as well as recycled plastics. Building a fully functional “green” deck not only reduces your carbon footprint, but it also requires very low maintenance which is great for busy families always on the go.