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If you are looking to remodel any part of your home, stop wishing that it would happen and use A New Image Exteriors to make it a reality. Since we started back in 1998, we have become remodeling specialists when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, and room additions. We have worked, and continue to work closely with realtors, designers, and commercial contractors who exemplify quality, integrity, and honesty in their professional trades. Through this network of highly skilled individuals, we can help you to get the remodeling services that you are needing for a very low and affordable price.

Since the weather in the Northwest can certainly wear down a home, we not only do remodeling work, but take care of all of the aspects of a home to deal with any repair or replacement that home may need. Our comprehensive service makes it easier than ever for our customers to get the repairs and remodels that they are needing from one place, instead of having to solicit the services of several different local businesses. Our employees are cross trained and are skilled in many areas so that your remodel job can be done efficiently, and in a timely manner. What makes us so unique from our competitors is that we control every aspect of your remodel from the ground up. This means that we will be in constant communication with you to make sure that the remodel is going the way that you want it in order to ensure customer satisfaction. We will also take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about a big mess to clean up when we are finished. We are committed to provide high quality work for affordable low prices so that you can get the remodel that you have been dreaming of without having to break the bank. So contact us today here at A New Image Exteriors for all of your remodeling needs.